Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday's End

Today my oldest cooked dinner. i was surprised she had the energy as she went grocery shopping with me (saved $20 with coupons!), to Starbucks and Walgreens. But of course i had much more energy when i was her age than i do now.

So no asking, begging or prodding. Just in the mood i guess to cook and i wasn't going to turn down the offer. She whipped up a simple pasta dish with turkey, mascarpone, corn and parmesan. While she cooked my other two kids came into the kitchen and they all talked, teased and were actually jovial and enjoying each other's company. Usually they are arguing or stressed (understandably) and in no mood to do much talking.

The times we have had to be together for a meal have been so rare lately with all of us so busy - working, going to school and other activities. My kids (3) are 18, 23 and 26. They all live at home and will most likely remain at home until they marry (this is latino tradition). As they bantered i just listened and enjoyed this moment of family harmony.

It was just nice for everyone to be together for this hour or so. Then one by one, they all went off their separate ways for the evening. The oldest to see her boyfriend, my son to see his girlfriend and the youngest went to work. My husband was at his soccer game (i'm a soccer widow every sunday) and all was quiet for the evening.

It was a nice ending to a nice weekend. Hopefully the coming week can be just as good, I'll be enjoying the leftovers from her dish for tomorrow's lunch!


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

That was so nice of her to make dinner. I always love family dinners!

randomblogette said...

Stopping by from SITS! That is a great post! I hope that my two will get along when they get older. With 4 years between them it will be interesting. Right now with them being 4 and 8 there is such a difference in world for both of them it is hard for them to relate to each other. You give me hope!