Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Finding my passion

How does one find their passion when one is interested in so many things?! Focusing on just one thing to be “good” at is difficult when there are now so many more options open to women. The options are also now more available as I’ve moved out of my parents home – away from parent rules and restrictions - yet straight into the husband’s rules and restrictions. Once able to find my voice and the courage to express it in that relationship - there were still the restrictions of money and motherhood. When the children were born they were my passion. Through the years as they’ve grown and developed into adults I’ve slowly been able to explore more of what I like to do.
• Read – Books were my best friends during school years. It may sound corny but through books I could explore anything and everything. From the original “Super Nanny” Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, a series of books about a girl named Ginny from a town up north, learning about my Mexican heritage (Aztec Indians, Pancho Villa, Emiliano Zapata, Cesar Chavez, etc.) to the discovery of Rosemary Rogers and her passionate love stories. I LOVE to read! My dream job would be to get paid for reading books. Until about 3 years ago I got to read for a living at my current place of employment. It wasn’t books but it was close enough. I loved my job and then they had to go and do this reorg thing. Now my job is nothing at all of what I did then.
Sewing – This is another fave hobby that I have done off and on every since learning to sew as a child. From early attempts at making Barbie clothes and pillows, a passable tank dress made in home –ec class during high school to most recently a finished quilt (with more in progress)!
• Scrapbooking – I’ve completed several for my children with still several more to go. Where to find the time (and the space) for this. This one also ties in with my interest in photography, genealogy and recording family history.
• Dancing – I’ve loved dancing since discovering the Mexican cumbias (a long time ago in my youth). My parents would take me to dancing clubs (no respectable girl – back then anyway – would go to a club without her parents – so I was told). Anyway I didn’t care as long as I got to dance – and dance I did. We would get there at 8 p.m. (way to early by today’s standards I know) so we could get a table and then would stay till we shut the place down at 2 a.m.! On my list is to do ballroom dancing.
Traveling – After traveling every year since birth to my parents birth place in Mexico you would think that I would hate traveling. I guess traveling this much you are going to either learn to love it or hate. I LOVE it! I miss traveling with my dad as he always loved to explore new places (my husband does not) and we visited a different city in Mexico each time we went. Once driving all the way to Mexico City to visit an aunt. I try to squeeze in at least a short road trip every year to some place new. Also finding postcrossing helps me travel to exotic places one postcard at a time!
• Cooking – although many people might not thinks this since I do not get to cook a meal every day, I do love cooking. I once even had my own cake business. When it became too stressful (too many cake orders + 40 hour week job + family duties) I had to choose between cakes and job. Cakes were not yet profitable enough to support and the job was more secure so the cakes had to go.
How to pick the most favorite of them all. It’s a work in progress and i'm a work in progress.


Miss Dot said...

You even had your own cake business? Wow! Sounds like you're really interested in a lot of things. Hopefully you can narrow it down to something that you'd like to focus on!

Thanks so much for stopping by :)

♥Miss Dot

JoeyRes said...

I've had a lot of interests over the years and finally stumbled on a passion. It's a lot like falling in love - you know when it happens!

Leslie Limon said...

Hola Tejana! I am new follower of your blog. This is a great post. I too find it hard to focus on just one passion, because there are so many things I'm interested in. BUT...if I had to choose, my biggest passions are my family, cooking and blogging.

Saludos desde Mexico! :D

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Those are great passions! See where they take you!

Salsa Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Passion, this is a great post, I am still trying to figure out if is my ADD, Passion or God talking to me, there are so many things I want to do, but for now my focus is family and I re enter the college world next month... so we shall see.

mommydrinksbecauseyoucry said...

I'm more of the "dabble in a little bit of everything" girl. It keeps my eyes more open. Good Luck.
Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

Laura said...

I think we can have a passion for more than one thing. I also love to read, but I really don't have much time to lately, with working full-time & in school full-time plus other duties. Right now, school is my passion & my hopes to be a special education teacher one day. And I never realized I would enjoy blogging as much as I do.