Tuesday, October 12, 2010

365-92 Flower bunch in black & white

And wedding bells will ring……

This past weekend, my oldest daughter’s boyfriend came to our house with his mother and his uncle (standing in for his deceased father) to ask for her hand in marriage. Wait – are we back in the 1800s? No but the pedida de mano or asking of the brides’ hand is still an honored tradition in many Mexican households. Probably more so in the cities vs. rural areas and not so much as before but I appreciate that both my daughter and her boyfriend respect and honor this tradition.
Back when my husband asked my parents for my hand in marriage, he came all by himself as he had no family here in the states. My dad busted out the tequila to toast to our happiness and my mom ran to her bedroom crying. I was the oldest and first to leave the nest.
When my dad went to my grandpa’s house to ask for my mom’s hand in marriage he took the local priest as his dad was no longer living. Grandpa ran them off with a shotgun.
So I think we have progressed quite nicely to a more civilized and happier version of it this time around. We cleaned all day and my daughter and husband cooked a wonderful dinner of fish, rice, roasted potatoes, mushrooms and salad. Her future mother-in-law brought dessert – homemade cherry cheesecake.
We talked and got to know each more and marveled at what a small world it is. Turns out the BF’s uncle and I had an English class together in high school. And we’ve known his family since he was 10 – who would have thought these two would have met many years later to become boyfriend and girlfriend and now by this time next year – husband and wife.
We were all so into the conversation that night we forgot to take pictures! His official proposal to her (along with a ring) will come at a special event he is planning – pictures of the ring to come then!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

365-89 Down low

We had such a pretty autumn day with bright sunshine everywhere! it was beautiful throughout the greenery..

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

365.88 surprise veggie

I planted some seeds earlier but the marker has washed away. could this be squash? looks like it...or could be cucumber? If anything sprouts i'll know for sure....