Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Time flies!!

Wow - can't believe its been more than a year that i've posted anything. Sorry for those who have been still visiting. sometimes life gets in the way - new boss at work and with that new responsibilities and stress. just when one gets complacent - BAM! things come along to mess it up. There has also been the craziness of working full time and continued schooling to one day finish up my degree. Last year was intense but worth it as i managed to get 16 credit hours  by taking one portfolio class. still have a ways to go but am now that much closer. and today another year gets ticked off the birthday calendar and i am happily off from work, taking care of errands and trying not to think of tomorrow when i'll have to go back to the grind - when i do i'll just think back to these last four days of great weather, outings with friends and today breakfast with my baby girl  - i highly recommend as a perfect birthday breakfast - berry berry brioche french toast (IHOP) - a yummy, not too sweet but just right start to the day.  don't you just want to dig in? the thickness of the whipped topping is deceiving cause i actually found it to be very light and summer berries are the perfect touch. i think brioche would be THE perfect bread to use for bread pudding! i'll have to learn to make it and find out! stay tuned.... :)