Sunday, July 12, 2009


In this day and age when people are losing their jobs, homes, 401K, barely making a living and looking to save any way possible, it's amazing some of the littlest things that people will sweat about. For instance whether to help in the green efforts or just to save on electricity, some people are haning their laundry out to dry versus using the dryer. Myself, i love the smell of fresh sheets - but sheets, blankets and comforters are about the only things i hand dry outside.
mostly because i don't like the stiffness in my clothes if hung outside and i do not have the set up to hang that many clothes out (or a handy husband).
A small community in the state of Vermont however has part of their town in an uproar over their right to dry clothes outside. Many people consider it an eyesore and feel it brings down their home value "would you like to see that outside your window" says one lady. I look at it like a tv program, don't like change the view. Is this lady constantly staring out her window that she would she this all the time. Does her neighbor hang dry clothes 24/7? If it bothers her that much perhaps she could add a trellis or something to block the view. If you didn't view the story this morning on CBS Sunday Morning check it out -

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Honestly some people get their panties in wad over the littlest things - me i'm more worried about the Obama's plan for our health care and how all that will net out. Get real people.