Thursday, October 29, 2009


There is that word again. It comes up more and more lately. So much is happening right now with uncertainness in the work place and with relationships. On a positive spin times are right for changes in career and life purpose. The problem is in determining what of the many choices available to go for?

From the many choices of starting your own business through direct sales – Tupperware, premier jewelry, pampered chef, Original Limu, Ardyss, Miche, CAbi or through opening your own franchise – Sunstone yoga, McDonalds, etc. the list goes on and on. Uncertainness in the work place could be a blessing in disguise. Many of my co-workers have taken the plunge and are either leaving to change careers or are working their own direct sales biz to supplement future retirement or what would be even better “retire” early from the daily 9-5 and live life on their own schedule.

I’ve taken the plunge into a couple of the above just because I like their product so much. We’ll see how things go – all I know is life is short and I certainly do not want to be working the 9-5 at 65 because social security can’t help cover my retirement or my 401K has been wiped out due to yet another recession or bad money management (on the part of the Company THE MAN has chosen to manage employee 401k).

As someone once said, “All of our tomorrows are shaped by what we do today.” If you could pursue your heart’s desire what would it be and what’s stopping you? What are your obstacles? How can you overcome them? Baby steps…..

And with that I’m off to buy another Miche (or two).