Friday, May 28, 2010

365-63 One potato, two potato!

Today i came home from work early. We had a little reorg and the new VP announced that going forward the friday or the day prior to a holiday all the departments that report to her could leave at 3. This is so cool. no more wondering will we get to leave early or won't we. So since i had some time i went out back and began to water the garden.Lo and behold i found 3 potatoes were ready to be picked! at first i thought they were stones or something and then as more dirt was washed off it became apparent my little crop was ready to be picked. :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunday was a bad day...

For our little dog that is. We have a miniature pinscher or min pin named Chico (which in Spanish means small) and on Sunday he managed to get into all sorts of trouble. He tends to make some bad choices sometimes just like people. He doesn’t always remember the consequences of his choices and he has a very short attention span (just like children and some adults). He is also camera shy and it was hard to get a photo of him.

Chico loves to be outside and usually is content to go out in the backyard or take a walk around the block. On this day he decided he wanted more. I let him out to do his business and meanwhile I went out front to tend to plants. I went over to the side of the house and after a little bit I heard some rustling. I looked up and there was our little Chico walking through the ivy and brush in between the fences separating the yards. “chico, bad dog!” He knew he was in trouble and rushed to a part of the fence that wasn’t quite all the way to the ground, but had just enough of an opening for him to get through by plopping down on his side and scooching under the fence! How smart is he to figure that out and so quickly too! I immediately put a brick there and thought that was that.

A couple of hours later Chico decides he wants to go out again. Since I had plugged up the opening in the fence I thought no problem. A little bit later I go out back to look for him and he’s gone again! I whistle and call his name but I can’t see or hear him. I go out to the alley, the front and nothing. Great! I know my daughter is going to kill me if I can’t find him. I’m alone at the house, it’s super hot and humid and I really do not want to go running all over the neighborhood looking for the dog because even if I find him I won’t be able to catch him. And I’ve not been able to train him to ‘come’ when called. So frustrating! I decide to wait a little while and see if he comes back on his own. After about 15 minutes or so I hear him in the alley. I go out there and call him and this time he runs into the yard all hot and bothered from his little jaunt to who knows where.

By now he stinks and I stink but before I go take a shower I figure might as well give him a bath since he’s been through ivy, weeds and Lord knows what else. So I give him a cold bath there in the backyard. The cool water feels great to me but he didn’t like it so much even though I could tell he was super hot. Once bathed he shook himself off and nosed around the patio. Meanwhile I watered some plants before going back in for my ‘hose down’. All of a sudden he yelped and as I looked up I saw there were a few wasps flying around looking pretty upset. He must have made them nervous and they got him. He was ready to go in after that. We went in the house and I did a search on the internet on bee stings and dogs. Luckily he did not appear to have any reaction to the sting other than some soreness and “having been put in his place.” The internet said to apply a cold compress but Chico preferred to stay under bed rather than come out and face any more ‘torture.’

What an exhausting and trying day. And don’t you know on Monday evening when Chico went out to explore the backyard, once again he got stung by a wasp when he went to the exact same spot as on Sunday! He must have thought the sting on Sunday was a one time thing. Hubs finally had a chance yesterday to get rid of those pests.

365-61 Vintage living

Saturday, May 22, 2010

365-57 Game night!

I took this from an upside down view and then flipped the image.

Friday, May 21, 2010

365-56 dirty keys

Wow the dusty, grainy stuff shows up really well. ick.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Frito pie!!

Today we had a 'spread' or luncheon at work to celebrate all the birthdays and work anniversaries of the last quarter. I just love a good spread! My contributiion was Frito Pie. I hadn't had it in a while and we had a carny foods theme so i thought it fit. One of the girls was from up north and had never heard of Frito Pie even though she had lived in Texas for a few years already. That got me to thinking that perhaps others had not heard of it either so thought i would share here how to make it.
i can't remember when i first had a Frito Pie but more than likely it was either at school for lunch or on a Girl Scout camping trip. For a basic Frito Pie you only need three ingredients: a can of chili (i prefer Wolf brand), Fritos or other corn chips and grated cheese. While your chili is heating up you can grate your cheese. Then put one serving of Fritos in a bowl like so:

Then add a serving of chili on top:

And then you would add the grated cheese:

Some people also like to add onions on top and even jalapeƱos. That is too much for me. A good way to serve this on the go is right in the single serving size of the Frito Bag. instead of opening the bag from the top, you could cut an opening in the side and the Frito Bag becomes your bowl. Then you would just add the chili and cheese and you are ready to go. This is a great easy meal when camping out.  Enjoy~!

365-50 Candle glow

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

365*-46 Perspective

No joke, that really happened!

I was reading Writing without period's blog and she had a post entitled ‘no sh*t that really happened!’ Well I have a few of those stories too, so here goes:

A long time ago in a tiny town in Mexico, my father decided he was deeply in love with my mother, could no longer live without her and wanted to marry. The custom back then (and still today) is the boyfriend must ask his girlfriends parents (really the father, because the woman has no say in anything over there, especially back then) for her hand in marriage. He would go with his parents or perhaps god parents if the parents are deceased or for some reason cannot go with him.

In this case my grandfather (my dad’s father) had passed away many years ago and for some reason my grandmother would not or could not go with him to ask for my mom’s hand. He must not have had any godparents in town either because he asked the village priest if he would go representing his parents. The priest agreed and off they went.

Well my maternal grandfather was a very gruff and serious man and he did not believe in his daughter’s going to school or marrying just anybody – and in this case I guess – most especially not marrying someone who did not have a house to offer his daughter, he wasn’t rich or anything. But my dad loved my mom sincerely and that is what he offered. Well it ticked my grandpa off, cause when my dad and the priest came knocking on his door – priest or no priest - Grandpa pulled out his shotgun and ran them both off! I guess he wasn’t worried about his soul going to hell for running off the priest. Many years later, grandpa pulled his shotgun out again when he ran to fetch his two youngest children who ran away from home for the big city – Mexico City, D.F. But that is another story.

Well that did not deter my mom and dad and since they couldn’t do things according to protocol, they eventually eloped and got married on a dark and stormy night [that’s another story too! I tell you we have a bunch of them in my family. I should probably write a book….]. Grandpa accepted the marriage after that and we visited many times. My parents remained married for almost 25 years until my dad’s untimely death in his early 40s. He was a great husband and wonderful father.

So what’s your ‘no joke that really happened’ story?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

365-45 Peaches on the way

Can't wait to make me a fried pie of summer peaches.

Happy Cinco!

Today is Cinco de Mayo – May 5. And a lot of hoopla has been going on for the past week at various restaurants, stores and tv networks regarding the big celebration and party. I’ve received a few of e-mails to celebrate at restaurants; others feature recipes and tips to hold a fabulous fiesta! You would think this was the same in Mexico – BUT IT ISN’T! Do the people promoting this here in the states even know what this date stands for in Mexican history? Most likely no. Here a brief recap :

On May 5, in 1862 (who knew, almost a month later to the day - 100 years later I would be born. Kinda funny – but I’m getting off subject, sorry) a battle ensued between French armed forces and the Mexican army in the city of Puebla. The Mexican army won and the state of Puebla continues to commemorate the day.

So not really cause for nationwide celebration in Mexico. Google didn’t even change its logo like it usually does for holidays, etc. Kind of funny that we make such a big deal of it here in the states. It’s if we were to celebrate the Battle of Bull Run nationwide or something. The whole Cinco de Mayo celebration here in the U.S. is a great big marketing hoopla. A good one at that. Too bad they don’t do the same on Mexico’s Independence Day - 16 de septiembre or September 16. But that one doesn’t roll of the tongue as easy on tv I guess.

So party on people – we’ve never officially celebrated this but we also don’t turn down a good party invite! Make it a celebration today - for whatever the reason.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Birds on a feeder

I set up a little bird feeder a couple of weeks ago and they have been hesitant (at least while i was watching) about actually getting on the feeder. It's meant more for the smaller type bird (as is the seed) but the white winged doves don't care as you can see by this photo. There are two of them on one side (hence the lopsidedness) and one little finch-type bird on the other. I had been spreading some seed on the ground as well to draw them in and it seems to have worked!

365-42 Brilliant Blue

Not sure what type of plant this is (no longer have the little plastic identifier) but the flowers add a gorgeous brilliant blue to my garden.