Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bargains galore

Today i took a day off today. Wanted to do some things around the house and work on my sewing/quilting. took a little trip to my local dollar tree store. love that place! every single thing is $1! EVERYTHING - so don't ask, cause it's a $1 (you wouldn't believe how many people do ask). Since this store is not on my route with my grocery store i usually forget about, but i've really got to go there first before going to regular store. i would save so much on paper goods, personal care, party decorations, i mean everything!
For instance i bought 3 packages of very large safety pins to use for quilting. Each package had 50 pins in it, each cost package cost $1, so a total of 150 pins cost me $3 at dollar tree. Then went to Joanne's craft store where a package of 20 large quilt safety pins cost about $2.50. I would have had to buy 8 packages and spent $20 - just on the pins! i saved $17 by going to dollar tree. Love it!

Monday, June 8, 2009

New beginnings

Well my baby has graduated high school. Empty nest you say? No, she will be attending community college like her older siblings until she decides exactly which of her many interests she would like to develop into her career. Who knows where her endeavors will take her but wherever it may be, this one will enjoy life no matter.
Would that I had to do it over again I would have given it my all in order to get a full scholarship somewhere (anywhere!) and gone off to explore the world – regardless of what my parents wanted. They wanted me (and my sisters) to stay and study close to home. None of this going off into a scary world where only God knows what could happen – COULD happen. But what if nothing bad had ever happened – all those chances and experiences lost.
I gave each of my kids that chance and tried to tell them. Of course they know all and do not listen. I said get a full paid scholarship to anywhere (through grades, sports, whatever) and you can go – not one of them did. So they go to the local community college and stay close to home.
Me, I am still working towards my BS and grab a little adventure when ever and where ever I can. Tonight it’s off to sewing class to learn another new trick and ideas. Very tame for most I know but some traveling adventures are coming up on the horizon…..