Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kansas Here i Come

On Wednesday i leave for overland park, kansas for a business trip - right up tornado alley. We will be super busy with minimal time for sight-seeing, not sure if there is anything to see there, but we will get to sample at least a couple of nice restaurants. Wish i had more time (and $$$) to travel for fun vs. business, but gotta do what we gotta do. And i know i'll forget something, i always do (don't you hate that?). The good thing this will be a short trip (back on Sunday) and then its back to the really important stuff like blogging and taking photos - ;)
It will definitely be a great opportunity to people watch and i'm sure some future blog stories will come out of this experience.
i will have my most essentials for my "home" away from home-
  • a good book (eat, love, pray)
  • my camera
  • my blackberry
  • a laptop
  • comfy pjs
  • my shuffle (music)
  • stamps for sending postcards to the kids
  • and most important my necklace with the Virgin de Guadalupe
what's your essential travel piece? and your favorite souvenir to pick up? i always get postcards and a shot glass from Hard Rock cafe.


Don's Girl said...

Hey, I use to live in Overland Park! And I LOVE Kansas City. To me, it's big city, with a small town feel. If you're able to get out--go to The Plaza--I believe KC is only second to Rome with the amount of fountains it has.

Leslie Limon said...

Hope you enjoy your trip!

My travel must-have has always been books, lot and lots of books! As for souvenirs, my grandmother always filled a baby food jar with dirt, sand or rocks from the town or city we were visiting.