Wednesday, March 17, 2010

From Little Mermaid, Mary Kate/Ashley to Final Destination

My mom is having a garage sale this weekend so i decided to clean out a part of our movie collection. Mind you what you see here are just those movies on Video Cassette. Because back in the day when my kiddos were little we didn't have any of seasons of anything available - so this collection is almost all Movies. In the early 90s, you could begin to find seasons of things like Blues Clues, Barney and short 30 minute music type videos like Disney Sing-a-Longs. Its so funny to go through and see all the movies they loved  and how many of them keep returning in updated formats. So some of these we also have the same versions in DVD format. I refuse to buy them again in BluRay. They are old enough now that they can do that, but they might as well wait till they have kids of their own because who knows what type of format these will be shown in then. This is just part of that stash:
  • Little Mermaid,
  • Beauty and the Beast,
  • Pocahantas
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 
As they they got older
  • Mary Kate and Ashley (at least 10 different movies, there were more but we only have 10 - ones from when they were late grade school/junior highish)
  • Sandlot, (this is a must see if you have grade/middle school boys - all about growing up in the 60s). The boys are all about playing baseball, one of them decides to let the new, nerdy kid on the block on the team and they end up being life long friends 
  • Now & Then (same as above except the girl experience). The girls come to term with one girl's parents divorce, another with the death of her mother - also are lifelong friends.
Then eventually
  • NSYNC  - great to watch on today's big screens!
  •  Final Destination  - too scary and bloody
As you can see i didn't make too much of a dent but did get a nice pile in the garage sale box. The classic Disney's we'll watch again until the VCR totally breaks down as well as NSYNC. Its amazing how much we can accumulate through the years. Now i need to tackle getting those home movies on a DVD format. It never ends, but the memories are priceless. Oh and as you ca see i also have a huge LP collection. What are LPs you may ask, they are records. Most of you may also ask 'what is a record?' The pre-historic version of the CD. And getting all those on CDs or an iPod may be a task for when i retire -- we'll see.

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