Monday, March 8, 2010

Girl Scouts & cookie booth sales!

It’s Girl Scout cookie time! As I no longer have any Girl Scouts in my family, I have to rely on co-workers or booth sales to get my fix of thin mints, trefoils, samoas, etc. Girl Scout cookies now even come in flavors like Dulce de Leche.
 I was a Girl Scout back in the day and I cherish the memories from those years – Father/Daughter Banquets, Camping (in large army-type, tents, small cabins, large communal cabins, etc.), bicycle field trips and other activities that without this organization I would never, NEVER have experienced. As strict as my parents were I’m surprised they even let me join a troop, but they did and I am forever grateful.

My two daughters were girl scouts and they stayed with it through high school. Much longer than I ever did (I was a sixth grade dropout as far as GS). Through GS they went to sleep away camp where they got to stay in a tree-house cabin (yes just as it sounds a cabin in a TREE!) and learned to ride horses, play with a college soccer team and rope a lamb or a goat or something (can’t remember, but I do remember how excited my daughter was when she told me she did it). They also traveled to World Girl Scout Centers and participated in community service activities with Girl Scouts from and in other countries. The oldest went to Mexico and the youngest went to England and camped out in the ‘backyard’ of a castle! The friends they made and the memories are ones they'll cherish forever -

It was sad not see more diversity in the Girl Scout troops, at least in our neighborhood, especially the lack of Latinas. So many of the parents think like mine did and are distrusting of people and because of their lack of understanding what the group does, fearful to let their girls join. They don’t understand how much their daughters can learn and how it can even change their lives.

This past weekend while grocery shopping, the girl scouts were in full force selling cookies at their booth. We bought a few boxes to help support the cause. My girls have a soft spot as they remember their days of having to sit all day trying to sell a box while getting the many excuses – I have no money, I’m trying to watch my weight, I’m diabetic, I’m allergic, etc. etc.

Please support the Girls Scouts and buy a box and if you can’t or don’t want to eat them – give them away or take them to the office and share. 

Click here  to find where to buy cookies. Or here for more locations and recipes. Support your local Girl Scout Troops!


Donnetta said...

Girl Scout cookies are one of the highlights of my year! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Rebecca said...

I love Girl Scout Cookies! I ate way to many right before starting on my South Beach adventure, LOL!!!

Thanks for dropping by my blog today!