Sunday, March 21, 2010

365-8 Atoms Away!

Today on the first day of spring it snowed. Snowed! But i am tired of winter (i'm not much of a cold weather girl - once is enough for me and we've had more than once already). So instead of posting another snow picture......

The other day i took a walk in my neighborhood. It was a gorgeous day - the sun couldn't make up its mind whether to stay behind the clouds or shine its full glory. It was a good day to practice some more with my camera. Because of changing light i had to keep changing the settings in order to get the best shot. I came across one of these red berry-type bushes - the way the photo came out it almost looks like atoms flying at you - almost.

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Heather said...

It snowed here the other day too. (Iowa) I was driving home in blizzard conditions. Not cool. End of March. So wrong. Beautiful picture though!
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