Saturday, May 23, 2009

Home Depot, Mom time, weekend just started...

Well, the long holiday weekend has just started and am already SO thankful there are still 2 more days left of it. Today was spent traipsing through Home Depot looking for a door for my mom's house. For some reason she decided she wanted to paint the front door. Which overall is not a bad thing as the door is the same one that's been there since we moved so many years ago. So a good coat of paint would have done it good, yet she decided she wanted to paint it green. The green she ended up choosing was not the color she had imagined it would be once dry - a dark dull forest green. Instead it was a very bright emerald green color - kind of like the entry to the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz.
Anyway she was very unhappy with it and had decided to just go buy a new one. So off she goes to the Home Depot (keep in mind she is 70ish) and picks a door and asks if they could install, etc. Well Home Depot said they had to go out and measure the door for themselves before they could install. So fine she sets up an appointment, they never showed. Sets up another one, stand her up again and on and on until finally she just says forget it give me back my money (she had already paid for the door!).
Now in this day and age what company is so not needing the business (other than an oil company) that they can get away with providing such poor customer service!!
So my husband and i decided to get her a door and he spent the day installing it - looks SO MUCH better! i should have taken some photos (i've got to get my own camera, always have to borrow my daughter's). He did a good job with some help from our son. While they worked mom and i chit chatted about sewing projects, work, and the weather.
Anyway after some rest, (there's no place like home) i'm going to try and finish the Quilt Top this weekend.

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Don's Girl said...

HORRIBLE customer service! Your mom did get her money back, right? Why didn't she paint over the green door? Maybe some primer and the a new coat? But ya know--as long as she's happy!

How's the quilting....?