Thursday, May 14, 2009

Helpful quilting sites

Still working on My First Quilt and its coming along nicely. It can be hard to get in sewing time after working all day and then coming home to make dinner, do household chores, etc., etc. - you know! But I think I've made some good progress and am almost done. I've also been browsing around on the internet and have found a few interesting quilting blogs and sites. The Online Quilting Blog even offers online lessons/tutorials, free quilting patterns (including a list of other web sites that offer free patterns, photo gallery, tips and a chat room.
The Moda Bakeshop features their fabric line (Moda) and free patterns and photos of the projects. Both definitely worth checking out.
It's so wonderful to see that sewing and quilting are still alive and well in this day and age when so many of the "old fashioned" type of home projects seem to be waning. I'm not sure if sewing is even taught anymore in high school (I don't think it is). It was back in my day when i took home ec. i made a sundress. I think a quilt would have been easier, especially since the dress included a ZIPPER! Anyway i am learning so much from the blogs and sites i come across. Hope to feature more in future along with my own projects and now that i've learned to work the embroidery part of my machine, i'll be incorporating some of that on my future quilt projects, especially for the labels! Happy quilting!


Don's Girl said...

Hmm. What does this quilting lingo mean? Do you think I would like it? I'd like to think I'm kinda crafty.

ProudTejana said...

Don's Girl, i think you would love quilting and as you are a cat lover you could do all kinds of cute things - even featuring photos of your cats!! check out my latest posting (old craft store), they offer a class where you can make a quilt with your photos, you'd like it! PT