Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco!

Today is Cinco de Mayo – May 5. And a lot of hoopla has been going on for the past week at various restaurants, stores and tv networks regarding the big celebration and party. I’ve received a few of e-mails to celebrate at restaurants; others feature recipes and tips to hold a fabulous fiesta! You would think this was the same in Mexico – BUT IT ISN’T! Do the people promoting this here in the states even know what this date stands for in Mexican history? Most likely no. Here a brief recap :

On May 5, in 1862 (who knew, almost a month later to the day - 100 years later I would be born. Kinda funny – but I’m getting off subject, sorry) a battle ensued between French armed forces and the Mexican army in the city of Puebla. The Mexican army won and the state of Puebla continues to commemorate the day.

So not really cause for nationwide celebration in Mexico. Google didn’t even change its logo like it usually does for holidays, etc. Kind of funny that we make such a big deal of it here in the states. It’s if we were to celebrate the Battle of Bull Run nationwide or something. The whole Cinco de Mayo celebration here in the U.S. is a great big marketing hoopla. A good one at that. Too bad they don’t do the same on Mexico’s Independence Day - 16 de septiembre or September 16. But that one doesn’t roll of the tongue as easy on tv I guess.

So party on people – we’ve never officially celebrated this but we also don’t turn down a good party invite! Make it a celebration today - for whatever the reason.

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