Thursday, May 13, 2010

Frito pie!!

Today we had a 'spread' or luncheon at work to celebrate all the birthdays and work anniversaries of the last quarter. I just love a good spread! My contributiion was Frito Pie. I hadn't had it in a while and we had a carny foods theme so i thought it fit. One of the girls was from up north and had never heard of Frito Pie even though she had lived in Texas for a few years already. That got me to thinking that perhaps others had not heard of it either so thought i would share here how to make it.
i can't remember when i first had a Frito Pie but more than likely it was either at school for lunch or on a Girl Scout camping trip. For a basic Frito Pie you only need three ingredients: a can of chili (i prefer Wolf brand), Fritos or other corn chips and grated cheese. While your chili is heating up you can grate your cheese. Then put one serving of Fritos in a bowl like so:

Then add a serving of chili on top:

And then you would add the grated cheese:

Some people also like to add onions on top and even jalapeƱos. That is too much for me. A good way to serve this on the go is right in the single serving size of the Frito Bag. instead of opening the bag from the top, you could cut an opening in the side and the Frito Bag becomes your bowl. Then you would just add the chili and cheese and you are ready to go. This is a great easy meal when camping out.  Enjoy~!


Anonymous said...

Well I, like your co-worker, now know frito pie! Looks simple, easy, and delicious. I've made tortilla pies which is very similar except you use flour tortillas, add toppings, and then bake.

Shell said...

I've heard of this being made right in the bag, but I've never tried it. A friend of mine calls it a "walking taco."

Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day on Monday!

Giovanna said...

Frito pie is a staple of the South! I've been eating them since jr high when they would serve them in the cafeteria.