Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Stage to Come

So many of the blogs I’ve come across lately have had to do with young mother’s just starting their families and all that entails with babies. Some have to do with older school age children and a whole new set of experiences. How great to have been able to have this network of women back in the day when my kids were little to compare notes and chat with each other on what’s normal and what might need some extra attention. I am now at the brink of a new stage in my life. My kids are all in college (although still living at home) and my body is now officially into the peri-menopause stage. Let’s just say I’m not liking this stage ONE BIT!

I’ve always been lucky in that I’d never had severe cramping, pms or other heavy duty side effects of Mother Nature’s monthly visits. Now all of sudden I’m getting the cramping, the hot flashes and to make it truly official irregular periods. I just had one a couple of weeks ago and now here we go again!!

I had done some gardening yesterday and thought the back ache was from all the work I’d done in the yard. At first I was a little worried thinking something else might be wrong so I googled and came across a site that gives all the symptoms and that was one of them. I’ve always been regular as a clock and could plan around them, looks like no longer. My doctor says I could have a hysterectomy and have the whole mess over and done with but that would be major surgery and six weeks of recuperating – no thanks.

Although this is an inconvenience, its tolerable and I think I’ll (literally) just sweat it out and hope this for me will be a short run. The site does say though that all this could last a few months or a few years!! I’ve been feeling the hot flashes already since last year so hopefully I don’t have too much longer to go. Even though I’m in my late 40s (48 this Friday!) I’m so ready to get on to the next stage and be free and happy go lucky from mother nature’s inconvenient and meddle some visits (just like some family members huh?).

Another symptom that is really affecting me is the memory loss – earlier today I was having the hardest time trying to remember ‘calamari’. It was on the tip of my tongue but for the life of me I could not remember the name of that seafood! Very frustrating. Even more so when it has to do with work projects.

I guess I should go visit everybody’s fave doctor (I guess it is when you are trying to or in the process of having babies) – my gyn/ob and make sure everything checks out ok. I haven’t been in a couple of years because at my last visit they added another procedure (again due to the age factor). I now get to have a rectal exam too. I have found that all that Lamaze training has come in handy during the gyno visits.

Well all you young ‘uns enjoy and everyone else, I know you feel my pain. I would appreciate any helpful tips or insights.

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