Sunday, April 11, 2010

Texas Stadium is no more

Well this famous landmark is now literally dust. The local tv stations have been going on for weeks about the upcoming implosion of this famous landmark. I had not planned on getting up at the crack of dawn to watch the live telecast. It is (or was) after all just a building. I figured a lot of guys probably would. Explosions and such seem to be their thing. 
But i woke up at 6 a.m. The parking lot was going to open at 2 a.m. to  let people in (at $25 a carload) who wanted to watch the event up close and personal. Definitely not going to do that. But since i was awake i figured  might as well get up and see it on tv.
Many memories there and not just of Dallas Cowboy games. I personally had only attended a few events there. My freshman year of high school our football team made district playoffs and the game was held in Texas Stadium. I begged my parents to let me go with a friend and miracle of miracles they said yes. We drove down in her yellow camaro and it was so cool to watch our team play on the same field as the Dallas Cowboys. We lost, but it was still cool. Three years later at this same stadium i walked across a stage on the 50 year yard line to receive my diploma at the graduation ceremony.
i was also lucky enough to attend a couple of Dallas Cowboy games there FREE. i won tickets on two separate occasions through a local radio station and we had great seats. That was fun and exciting too. There were also numerous times that my kids and i worked at a hot dog stand there to help raise funds for their high school band. that was not so fun, but it was for a good cause.
And of course so many other games and events that were televised. In a matter of two minutes it all came crashing down. I could hear the fireworks and the actual 'demise' of the stadium at my house which is about 15 miles away. Plans are now for this area to be a very modern and large area for business and shopping and also most likely townhomes, condos, etc. The old and no longer useful now makes way for modern development.
Yes the building is now a pile of rubble and dust and soon to be totally gone, but the memories will live forever.
In the lower left corner of the above postcard you can see Texas Stadium as it once was in all its glory.

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