Thursday, April 14, 2011

Changing times…..Erica Kane no more

ABC announced today they are canceling All My Children and One Life to Live. Two of the longest running soap operas on television. When my mother first came to this country she became hooked on As the World Turns in spite of not knowing much English.

That one was canceled a couple of years ago. And now these two fan favorites – the ones I watched during each summer vacation and every school holiday during my high school years – will be gone by years end.

 All My Children was my preferred favorite. Although the story lines could be crazy at times I was always anxious to know what would happen next to Tad, Jennie, Angie and Jessie.  I think when Jennie died was probably THE saddest episode for me. It was great when they all came back to the show (minus Jennie) – they are all about my age so it was almost like catching up with old friends. How would Phoebe Wallingford and Palmer Cortlandt mess up their children s lives today? What crazy, evil scheme would Erica cook up?  Erica’s many weddings were always a treat to watch. Some were elaborate, some not depending on the husband and story line.

I began watching One Life to Live after i began to stay home with my little ones. It didn't draw me in as much as All My Children. I guess i've helped to contribute to its downfall in a way as i have not watched in many, many years. Family, career and life taking precedence over daytime TV. Many others did the same. These shows lasted way longer than what is currently on television and for that they will go down in history and I'll always be a fan.

In Latin America soap operas or novelas last maybe a year or so at the most. So you know eventually it will end and you can get on with your life. The villian gets what's coming to them and the hero and heroine usually have a lavish wedding and all ends up right with the world. Right now i'm in between spanish soaps, i dont want to get hooked on another so i have deliberately not watched any new ones.

So did you have a favorite episode of All My Children or characters? Do you watch soaps at all? What's your favorite?


Thomasina said...

I grew UP on soaps. On my first 'real' job for $450 a month, I loved in Kansas City. In the break room--there was a TV. At lunch time it was "All My Children". That was the most I'd ever had watched the show--nice memory. It stinks it is now cancelled.

Morgan said...

In high school we watched a telenovela as part of our Spanish class ... it's amazing how much of another language you can pick up!

Visiting from SITS :)


Hello, Thank you for coming by my blog and leaving the lovely comment you did. I went through my phase of soaps, but I don't seem to have a lot of time these days to watch them. Young and the Restless was my fav. Have a great weekend.

Lisa xx