Saturday, January 8, 2011

365-8 She said Yes! to the dress

In October i posted the news of my daughters engagement. Well she found her dream dress! We had planned on spending the day going to a couple of dress shops. She knew what she wanted as she had seen it on a Spanish soap opera (La Dueña) and had reearched it online. She managed to find it at this one shop so we went there first. In addition to the ruffled one she had set aside 3 or 4 others that she liked and planned to try them on just to make sure. Well she tried on the ruffled one and it looked beautiful on her. Then she tried on the second one -- it looked nice too, but not as nice as the first. So that sealed it. She really had her heart set on the first one anyway and when you know what you want and it feels right, why go through anymore.
Now we just need to take care of all the other details.


knit1kids4 said...

It looks beautiful!

Brings back memories... my mom made mine. Oh how I loved it!

Jennifer said...

She looks beautiful!

Tracy said...

Very pretty!

Anita said...

She looks beautiful.