Friday, January 7, 2011

365-6 present

Today is Dia de Reyes or the day of Kings. The day when the Three Kings finally arrived to pay homage to the Baby Jesus. In Mexico this is celebrated by children leaving out their shoes in order to receive gifts from the "Reyes", just like when they left gifts for the baby Jesus. Mostly the gifts are coins, candy, small toys - because really how much can you fit inside a shoe? I wish we would have had this custom here when my kids were little - would have been way less expensive.

Today upon arriving at the office i found a gift of sorts - a feather on my desk. I'm sure it was inadvertently left by the cleaning crew -- but it's a neat feather and will go into my craft supply box. Perhaps it will find its way onto some mail art.


Anonymous said...

Made for a great shot!

Tracy said...

Love the texture!