Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quesadilla Night!

Not too long ago i posted about a new recipe i found for enchiladas on Lesley's blog The M'ija Chronicles. Well i made them again this weekend. The weekend seems to be the only time i can really make some good Mexican food since it usually turns into an all-day affair. This time though i had enough leftover filling to make some quesadillas for tonight's dinner. And they were divine!! And so quick and easy to make -
1. just heat the flour tortilla on your comal, non-stick pan or griddle
2. add some cheese (your choice - monterrey jack, cheddar, oaxaca or combo)
3. add any other fillings - spinach, mushrooms, chicken or in this case the combination corn, poblano pepper and spinach filling.
4. add more cheese (i can never get enough cheese)
5. fold over your tortilla into a taco shape or you can add another tortilla on top and then slice into half or fourths

The combinations you can do are endless and nothing tops quite right like some fresh guacamole!


Leslie Harris de Limon said...

Yummm! You're quesadillas look delicious! :)

I love everything made with poblano peppers. Here's my favorite quesadilla:

Anonymous said...

I love making anything I can eat with gaucamole! I usually bake these but should try in fryer instead. Thanks for the tips.

Tracy said...

HELLO!? Why are you not posting 365?