Saturday, January 30, 2010

Road trip!

The other day was pretty dreary and my daughter and i decided to take a very short road trip down to our fave chinese restaurant - Mr. Chopsticks. This little hole in the wall features authentic chinese food and even chinese sake and beer. Nestled in the middle of Denton, Texas just off the University of North Texas Campus. Although it was pouring down rain, we drove slow and soon were savoring Shrimp Dumplings, Shrimp Tempura, Eggrolls and California Rolls. The shrimp dumplings were a first for us and even though the sauce is flavorful and spicy, it didn't help much (in our opinion) to give the dumplings a better tast. The texture of the dumpling (the outside part you see here) is sticky and blah. The shrimp inside did not have any kind of marinade or flavor either. I don't think we'll get this dish again. The eggrolls on the other hand had a chicken filling and lots of flavor - fabulous!! These eggrolls are the best of any other chinese place i've eaten at. The other two dishes were also very flavorful and delicious. Made an icky day much better and on the way back home, the rain had tapered off and we could even see Lewisville Lake as the day winded down.

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Don's Girl said...

I LOVE chinese cuisine! I'm not much on shrimp stuff--yet your pictures look tasty--as does Lewisville Lake! Good your road trip make a dreary day brighter!!