Monday, January 4, 2010


As the New Year has come this is all you hear every time you turn on the tv or pick up a magazine. Most of them of course have to do with weight loss, managing your money or just being a better person. And in a couple of months everyone will have either stopped doing whatever they promised to do until next New Year’s eve comes around. I did not make any resolutions and figure I’ll just keep working on what I try to work on all year long anyway  which is eating more nutritionally and trying to buy as much as I can locally (veggies, fruits, dairy, etc.). One good site I’ve found for this is Local Harvest
You can sign up to receive updates on local farm happenings and more. Another thing I constantly work on all year is keeping fit and healthy by exercising and taking my vitamins and supplements. These are my main sources of supplements and vitamins –, and - the Cran Aloe, Le’vive and Triple Lifeline all help me meet my health goals by providing daily recommended nutrients and antioxidants to help fight illness and strengthen my immune system.
And of course working on making money through the opportunities with Limu and Ardyss as well as saving money where I can.  David Bach has just come out with a brand new book “Start Over, Finish Rich”.  Seems to be the story of my life (the starting over part)! The best part is today only, Jan. 4 you can download a free copy of it - Start Over, Finish Rich 
Of course if you buy the book you’ll receive many more bonuses for free, so you decide which of the two is the better bargain.

For this year I resolve to keep on improving my relations, my outlook, my life….

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