Monday, November 15, 2010

365-96 Diva-licious cupcakes

A couple of weeks ago I saw a notice for a cupcake class at a fancy kitchen store. It was just for the afternoon and cost more than what i would normally pay but the cupcakes sounded divine! Boston Cream, Banana with caramel frosting and one-bowl chocolate (yum!) cupcakes. And i thought maybe the price would include a cool gadget or something.
So i signed up. There were about 6 people there and we each got to particpate in making the cupcakes - either by stirring the batter, adding flour, eggs, etc. Then while they baked we were invited to shop with our special 10% discount.
Afterwards when the cupcakes were ready we got to frost and put together. The Boston Cream cupcakes were easy. Just slice the cupcake in half. Add whip cream to the center and cover with the top half that is dipped in chocolate ganache/frosting just prior to topping. The Caramel frosting for the Banana cupcakes started to separate (the butter from the sugar/caramel) because it was a little warm. Per our teacher it should remain very cold up until time to use/eat. They were all quite yummy and we got to bring home copies of the recipes and instructions. With the money i paid for the class i could have bought 2 cookbooks and a couple of cool kitchen gadgets but would i have gone and made the cupcakes and had the fun i had on my own? no -- so it was all good. And we did get to bring a few of the cupcakes home also.


Joycee said...

Those cupcakes sound wonderful...maybe you need to give us a little "lesson" on the blog, hint hint!

Raymonde said...

Those are wonderful! I want one. xxx

Tracy said...

YUM! Sometime it's the experience that's worth it! said...

What a fun class! I hope you share some recipes!