Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Technology really has me frustrated right now. Although we've come along way in technology, what good is it when it doesn't work?! My cell phone service is not working and apparently it hasn't all day. However it shows i have bars so i should be getting service right? Not so, as everytime i try to make a call i get a 'call failed' message. And trying to call someone else who  has this service (using my landline phone) gives me a fast busy signal.
i try to get on my provider's web site to find their phone number and my computer is super slow. All connection are good and working but i'm having trouble getting onto their pages. When logging into the site there is no indication that there is a global problem. I'm finally able to get through to the provider and after a suprisingly short wait i'm told that there apparently is a global, repeat GLOBAL problem causing the service to be down!
meanwhile i can't get ahold of my daughter who is not home from school yet and of course can't call home to tell us what's going on because she has the same service.
Ah yes technology, gotta love it - but not at the moment.

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