Wednesday, August 19, 2009

for love of....

It seems like a woman's quest to do something fulfilling with her life has been going on forever....whether one is a homemaker or working full-time for many of us we still are not satisfied even though what we may already be doing is an important thing (i.e. raising a family, taking care of the home, contributions at work, etc.). For some of us there is something lacking and sometimes it can take us years to discover it. Or if we know what it is to be able to use it in a way that we can make a living out of it so that we can do what we love all the time and not just in our spare moments.
The movie Julie & Julia is a perfect example of two women who discovered their passions - cooking and then writing for Julia. Writing and then cooking for Julie. I have not read the book but the movie is so heartwarming and humorous depicting a time in their lives when both were searching to leave their mark on the world in some way - even if only in their surrounding world, but something that they felt good about. I completely could identify with Julie - I wonder if she is an Aries? Her comments (and those of her friends and family) regarding unfinished projects sounded so familiar....
And Julia's love of food - a woman after my own heart, no wonder Julie was inspired by her! Julia definitely had one of the best husbands around. The movie definitely has me wanting to cook again and i'll definitely be trying my hand at her Beef Bourgingnon

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