Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bargains galore

Today i took a day off today. Wanted to do some things around the house and work on my sewing/quilting. took a little trip to my local dollar tree store. love that place! every single thing is $1! EVERYTHING - so don't ask, cause it's a $1 (you wouldn't believe how many people do ask). Since this store is not on my route with my grocery store i usually forget about, but i've really got to go there first before going to regular store. i would save so much on paper goods, personal care, party decorations, i mean everything!
For instance i bought 3 packages of very large safety pins to use for quilting. Each package had 50 pins in it, each cost package cost $1, so a total of 150 pins cost me $3 at dollar tree. Then went to Joanne's craft store where a package of 20 large quilt safety pins cost about $2.50. I would have had to buy 8 packages and spent $20 - just on the pins! i saved $17 by going to dollar tree. Love it!

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Don's Girl said...

The Dollar Tree is one of my favorite haunts! My cats love the little food bowls I buy for them! :) I also have an everything 99 cents store up the street. I do LOVE a bargain!! Glad you enjoyed your day OFF!