Monday, September 15, 2008

16 de septiembre.....

Although celebretions have been going on all weekend for Mexican Independence Day, today Sept. 15, marks the eve of the start of the Mexican revolution against Spain in 1810. To commemorate the occasion, tonight at midnight Mexico's president, Felipe Calderon, will come out on the balcony of the Palacio de gobierno and address the crowd with the Grito de Independencia - Viva la Independencia, Viva Mexico, Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe! This same traditional celebration takes place simultaneously throughout Mexico and in many cities across the U.S. where there is a large Mexican population. These celebrations are huge with mariachis, bailables, speeches from local dignitaries and of course GREAT food! Upon gaining its independence from Spain, Mexico had a vast territory including a large part of the U.S. - Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, California and others. There is still much debate on how the U.S. acquired the territory from Mexico. But what is done is done and the past cannot be changed, we can only learn from it and try not to repeat its mistakes. It is great that we can now carry out and celebrate the traditions of our ancestors and past generations from Mexico so that we can remember and honor what they went through so we can be where we are today and move forward. Perhaps modifying some of these traditions to fit our lives today and making our own history for the generations to come. Click on to learn more. Viva Mexico, Viva America!

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